Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Right-wing European Parties Seek Jewish Support

Right-wing European Parties Seek Jewish Supportright-wing-european-parties-seek-jewish-support

Right-wing parties in Europe are flirting with the Jews in that continent — and many Jews are responding.

Steve Byas at New American
 Steve Byas is a professor of History & Government at Randall University, in Norman, Oklahoma. For nearly four decades he has been a publishing partner of the Oklahoma Constitution newspaper. His publication is highly regarded in political circles and among the conservative base. The publication's annual Conservative Index is a scoring of each of the 149 state legislators. It has become a standard for identifying the core principles (or lack thereof) of each elected official in the legislature.
  Professor Byas is also a respected adviser to several political leaders and a recent delegate to the Republican National Convention. His commitment to Liberty and Judao-Christian principles has been an influence upon Oklahoma's Conservative movement.