Thursday, January 10, 2019

What Ginsburg’s Cancer Could Mean for the Court — and the Nation

What Ginsburg’s Cancer Could Mean for the Court — and the Nationwhat-ginsburg-s-cancer-could-mean-for-the-court-and-the-nation

With Ginsburg's failing health, any vacancy on the Supreme Court could drastically affect both the Court itself, and ultimately the nation at large.

Steve Byas at New American
 Steve Byas is a professor of History & Government at Randall University, in Norman, Oklahoma. For nearly four decades he has been a publishing partner of the Oklahoma Constitution newspaper. His publication is highly regarded in political circles and among the conservative base. The publication's annual Conservative Index is a scoring of each of the 149 state legislators. It has become a standard for identifying the core principles (or lack thereof) of each elected official in the legislature.
  Professor Byas is also a respected adviser to several political leaders and a recent delegate to the Republican National Convention. His commitment to Liberty and Judao-Christian principles has been an influence upon Oklahoma's Conservative movement.